Courses for science fiction and fantasy authors

These courses are for:

  • New authors who want to learn about key positions and debates in worldbuilding
  • More experienced authors who feel something isn't right or does not work in their novel
  • Authors who want to consider how they can build their worlds in a respectful and culturally sensitive way
  • Authors looking to find a worldbuilding community (all participants gain access to a Discord worldbuilding group)

Each week covers a little theory and has a writing task designed to help you refine these aspects of your worldbuilding.

Hi, I’m Andrew Hodges, PhD

I'm a developmental editor and writing coach who specializes in editing fiction for science fiction and fantasy writers. My expertise is in worldbuilding and cultural considerations when crafting setting in stories.

I lived and worked in Croatia from 2008–2018 as a cultural anthropologist. In 2019 I moved to Scotland and set up a fiction editing business.

I am an advanced professional member of the CIEP, a member of the EFA, and an ALLi partner member.